Bot Setup

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Step 1: Install JAVA

Select the Operating System, you want to setup java at:
(Ignore STEP 1, if already installed JAVA JRE  8 before)

Follow all the 5 steps present in the below links as per your Operating System.

     (Select your Operating System from below)

Step 2. Setup BOT

  • Once Java is successfully installed, follow the below steps.
  • Download and Save the bot (.zip File) to a local folder from the download link shared at Checkout or in Mail – Post Successful Order placed.
  • Go to the download folder and Extract the zip file by Right clicking on the file and select Extract (You might need to install zip extracting app in Mac if already not present)
  • Open the Bot folder, you will see (lib Folder and botname.jar file).
  • Double click on the bot.jar file.
  • Wait for the tool to launch.
  • Login directly with your credentials.
  • The tool is very user-friendly and you should not be facing any issues while using it.
  • ENJOY!  cool

Usage Tips:

  • Avoid over usage of the tool.
  • Never use the tool for Spamming.
  • Strictly follow the Daily Limits. More Info for Instagram
  • Use in small batches.
  • Always make use of high random delays between each event – for Long Runs. 
  • Add the list of all your favorite profiles into ignoring List, so they will be skipped in each process.
  • From 2017 Instagram and Depop have limited Followings to max 7501 profiles. So once you reach the limit – Wait for a few days for getting the max response from your targets and then use the UnFollow feature to clear the list and restart the process.

CAUTION: Do not make the delay as 0 Second and use the tool for a long duration.

For Any Help :

Reach out to us with below link – anytime and we will resolve your issue within 24 Hours.