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We are selling the tool for only one user subscription. That means for the mentioned amount you can only use single user account on the tool and it will not allow you to use another account if the it is not subscribed.

You will need to purchase more than one subscriptions if you need to use the tool for multiple accounts.

You will receive the download link with all necessary instructions in mail and also on order confirmation page post successful payment.

No, absolutely not. You can just download and use the tool. But as the tool is developed in JAVA, so you need to install java in order to use the tool. All instructions are provided in Bot Setup page.

Yes, as we are directly using private APIs of Depop and Instagram with random delays between each event so your account will always be safe and Depop or Instagram will consider it as real traffic.

Moreover, all the control will be in your hands. Just make sure you don’t overuse the tool and do not use it for spamming others.

Once you purchase any subscription, it will be yours for a lifetime with all new latest updates and upgrades for free as and when they are received.

All detailed instructions are provided in Bot Setup Page.

You need to install a specific version of JAVA JRE 8 to run the tool.

And Setting up Java is mandatory for using the Tool.

You can find the demo video of the tool on youtube and on specific product pages.